Are you walking in your purpose?

For some it’s what you’ve always felt or gravitated towards. For others, you may have not paid enough attention to it. Or, you have allowed life to blind you from it. Whatever the case, we were all made with a purpose.

By knowing what purpose is and what it is not, will allow you to begin to live a purposeful life. Get your pen and paper as I help you begin your journey to greatness.
Purpose is:

1-what comes easy

2-a gift or talent

3-soul fulfilling 

4-your contribution to society

5-your definition to success
What purpose is not:

1- what someone else thinks you should be doing

2-chasing money

I hope these key points help to open your heart and mind so that you become the person you are destined to be. 

I will be sharing what I think is my purpose and how I am beginning to walk in it. Comment below and let me know if and how you are walking in your purpose. 

Share your story, as it may inspire someone else to walk in their purpose.

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