Natural Hair?

Why did you opt to go natural?

– For healthier hair? 

-To get away from chemicals? 

-For more growth retention? 

-Because of the trend? 

Whatever the case, you’re natural and preserving that texture is what I assume you desire.

So why are you straightening your hair?
Straightening it to check for length or for a trim is acceptable. However, a blow dry can assist with either of these needs. But to straighten it for the sake of wanting SILKIER hair is not ideal. You run the risk of heat damage. Heat damage can do what a relaxer does-permanently straighten your hair.
If you are natural and visit a salon with a request to be straightened, be aware that your natural curl may be compromised.  If you visit a salon, any salon, make sure you disclose to the stylist that you wish to preserve your natural texture.

After you’ve left the salon, it is only a matter of time before your hair starts to revert back to its natural state. Some textures revert back sooner than others.  This is not the salons fault.  The salon is not liable for how long your hair remains straightened.  Your texture determines that, and also how much product, which product, and how much heat was applied.If your hair is very curly or kinky, it will not stay straight for a long period of time. Finer or loose curled textures will retain a flat iron longer. You have to be realistic and understand that you cannot expect long lasting straight silky smooth hair without the POSSIBILITY  of heat damage.

This is not to say this happens to all naturals. Don’t be frightened about the possibility.  Medicines have side affects that MAY happen, death being one of them, but people rarely do are affected by any of the side effects. The chances of you incurring heat damage is possible, but you must be aware it’s a risk you take when you opt to straighten your hair.

If you are natural you chose to be natural for a reason and more than likely it was to protect your hair from chemicals, to eliminate heat damage, or to simply prevent daily manipulation rituals. 
Enjoy being natural. 

Beware of heat. 

When you feel the urge to have a straighter look, opt for extensions. 

Your hair will thank you in the long run……

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2 thoughts on “Natural Hair?

  1. Lamsie says:

    I love being natural. For the 1st 8 years I had it flat ironed, every 2 weeks. Now I am heat free going on 6 months. Embrace your natural texture. We have beautiful hair.

    Liked by 1 person

    • maneresults says:

      Way to go! Natural hair can be such a relief once you get the hang of it. Health, then manageability should be our number one concerns. Without manageability we run the risk of doing damage. Glad you understand and have discovered what works for you.


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