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The END all, tell all….

How old are your ends?

A pixie wearer may have 6 month old hair ends, that are well in tact and blunt.  While someone with mid back length hair  has 3-year-old ends that are a little more parched and distressed. 3 years might not seem like a long time,  but with manual manipulation and the forces of mother nature,  that can bring about much unwanted end trauma.  We’ve listed some key points to help you assist and nurture those ends so they are well maintained.


Combing, brushing, relaxers, perms, color, swimming, wind, the sun,  towel drying, your cotton pillow: all of these are things that can affect your hairs ends drying them out causing them to split and or break.   Some of them are self-inflicted and some are simply acts of God.  Whichever they may be,  you can and should protect your hair from such.


As the hair grows longer the ends become older.  And just like anything else old, they become fragile and require more tlc than the hair closer to the root.  With that being said, conditioning efforts should always be concentrated on the ends. Deep conditioners, whether natural or chemically straightened, either protein or moisture related will aid in stronger ends resulting in hair growth retention.


Heat is not your hairs friend if health and length retention are your goals. Here are a list of key things to remember if you must apply heat to your hair:

-Less is more.

-ALWAYS use a heat protectant.

-Only use electric tools with an adjustable dial and one that maintains its temperature.  If you are suffering from heat related hair breakage in a particular area, it’s probably due to where you start.  Some heat tools are really hot if they sit or prior to use. Usually where you begin, if its alway in the same area, houses the most breakage.

-The finer the hair the lower the temperature.

– Color treated hair and chemically treated hair should refrain from heat unless it’s from a professional.  Learn to opt for other hairstyles in between salon visits so you don’t become accustom to using heat.

-Always start out with a low setting, about 250* and increase as needed for smoothness

– Freshly washed hair is really the only time you should apply heat.  Otherwise, you’re simply singing all of the elements from the air and dirt into the hairs cuticle layers.

-When all else fails and you still incur  damage, there’s nothing left to do but to trim your hair.


4- Trimming

If the ends of your hair are see thru, let them go!  Your hair won’t stand a chance at staying hydrated nor holding those lustrous curl.  A nice, blunt, sealed end allows the hair to retain its’ moisture, and curls.  The more manipulation, chemicals, and heat you expose your tresses to, the more often you will need to plan a date with your frien-emy, the scissors.


We hope we’ve addressed some of your hair concerns as to why your ends are in a continuous bad state.

Healthy ends mean healthier hair resulting in a longer hair. 

Feel free to leave your comment or questions below.